Charitable Foundation for Children with Grave Illnesses "Poter net" (Ufa, Republic of Bashkortostan)


Charitable Foundation for Children with Grave Illnesses "Poter net".
The Foundation was established on August 23, 2011 in Ufa by Radmila Surnacheva in memory of her son Danila. The Foundation’s mission is to help, together with other caring people, children with severe illnesses today, so that tomorrow they could get a chance to win their childhood back. The Foundation has focused its efforts primarily on such activities as raising funds for the treatment and rehabilitation of severely ill children, providing financial and social support for the hematology department of the Republican Children's Clinical Hospital, offering psychological, emotional and social rehabilitation services for children who have recovered, and providing palliative care. The foundation features a volunteer organization called “Ya s toboy” (I am with you) and a program designed to promote donorship of blood, blood components, and bone marrow.


On the March 8 holiday, we arranged a celebration for 135 mothers of the foundation's charges and female medical staff. By giving these ladies our undivided attention, we wanted to show each one of them how appreciated they are and that they are the best in the world. To surprise them, we invited a musical band who gave a performance right under the windows of the building housing the Republican Children's Clinical Hospital’s Department of Onco-hematology, followed by a presentation of small gifts to cheer them up. And although it was cold and snowing outside, the smiles on the faces of the ladies on the indoor side of the windows were warm. On top of that, acting together with the Ufa Hospice, we presented gift sets of cosmetic products to the mothers of children afflicted by severe incurable diseases all over Bashkortostan. We also arranged a photo day with a professional photographer for mothers of children who are undergoing maintenance therapy and have gone into remission after cancer treatment!


Working together with the employees and volunteers of the "Poter net" Charitable Foundation, we offered our greetings on the occasion of the International Women's Day to the mothers of children suffering from grave illnesses. The celebration was dedicated to the mothers of young patients undergoing long-term treatment at the Hematology department at the Republican Children's Clinical Hospital, and to the mothers of children in palliative care. We picked several hospitals where we wanted to offer our support to these mothers going through such a difficult period in their lives and give them an opportunity to remember that they have themselves and deserve to have at least some ‘me’ time. We did our best to support every mother staying both at the hospital or at home. It is in our power to show them that they are not alone and that we are with them.

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