Tver’s Regional Branch of Deti-Angely (Angel Children), a non-profit association of disabled children and their parents


Tver’s Regional Branch of Deti-Angely (Angel Children), a non-profit association of disabled children and their parents.


Deit-Angely is an association of families raising children with cerebral palsy of varying degrees of severity (from mild to severe) and other neurological locomotor diseases . The non-profit has been helping people suffering from central nervous system disorders to better integrate into society while also working on creating opportunities for their employment, and assisting with arranging their leisure and entertainment.


This year, Tver’s Regional Branch of Deti-Angely, a non-profit association of disabled children and their parents, set out to put on a vibrant and unforgettable celebration of spring arranged specially for the ladies. A festive cocktail party offered its attendees an opportunity to relax, find a companion to engage in a pleasant and interesting conversation, spend time among friends and like-minded people, and, of course, enjoy a tasty snack. The festival’s agenda was aptly complimented by a set of master classes that added to the participating mothers’ good spirits while endowing them with truly useful experiences. Invited florists demonstrated how to properly compose and arrange artistic bouquets and compositions of flowers in combinations with natural materials, whereas a bartender introduced the guests to the techniques of blending, cocktail mixing, followed by a tasting session. The party’s other highlight was a sketching session, during which a sketch artist produced the ladies’ portraits in a short span of time. A professional photographer was taking pictures throughout the event’s duration, and by the party’s closing time all women received bouquets of flowers.

"A wonderful evening in a great company! Magical ambience, lots of positive emotions! Delicious food and interesting master classes! A powerful boost of positive energy and emotions!" - these are just a few of the comments provided by the event’s attendees.


In order to bring a festive spring mood to the mothers raising special needs children, whose lives are often monotonous and mostly revolve around caring for their seriously ill children, we decided to gift them with a "day to themselves”. That day, the mothers were reminded how beautiful and charming they are. A personal photo session is not only an original gift, but also a unique opportunity to look at oneself from an entirely new perspective. This is the reason why we chose to organize a portrait-style photo session at a photo studio. To ensure that each woman would leave their session with stunningly beautiful photos, a makeup artist helped every one of them to style their visage first. As a way to complete the creation of their new image, this was followed by a photo session with a professional photographer in romance-themed settings.
The festive program continued with a dinner at a restaurant giving mothers an opportunity to take in a pleasant atmosphere and gradually get acquainted with each other, enjoy a nice conversation, have a glass of champagne and just take a break from their everyday worries.

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