Charitable Foundation for Families with Special Needs Children Obyknovennoye Chudo (Tomsk)


Charitable Foundation "Obyknovennoye Chudo".
The foundation was founded in 2008. Since then, it has been supporting families raising children with health limitations and special needs. Thanks to the foundation’s efforts, more than 2,500 children have received the assistance they needed. In addition to helping specific individuals, the foundation has been involved in implementing several ongoing projects. One of the most important of them is the city-wide "Obyknovennoye Chudo" charity marathon which will see its 14th installment in 2020. The funds raised in the course of the marathon are then used to pay for treatment of sick children.


Right before the March 8 holiday, mothers of "special" children were invited to take part in an exciting set of events that took place over a course of two days. Some of the mothers attended the comedy show "A Paid Visitor" put on stage at the "Version" theater. Prior to the start of the show, the ladies enjoyed a party featuring live music, a festive reception, a glass of champagne, and a photo for posterity. 

The following day was the day to attend cooking master classes delivered by the chefs of the Taste Studio “Loft”. Loft is a place with a unique atmosphere favored by its Tomsk patrons as an outlet of choice for spending family time. That day, the attendees of the class cooked several dishes of their own that were later presented for tasting at the festive lunch. 

All participants received gift certificates from a beauty salon and, of course, bouquets of freshly cut flowers.


Thanks to the efforts of Charitable Foundation “Obyknovennoye Chudo", the caring attitude of its staff and the warm atmosphere created by the project titled "A School for Special Children’s Parents", many of the parents of special needs children had already made each other’s acquaintance. Prior to the party, the staff of the foundation asked the mothers about how each of them would want to spend the time we were going to gift them, with each of them making a choice of their own. A party featuring live music, tango lessons, tea and sweet treats was laid on at the Art Space "Arbat. The ladies spent the evening enjoying a nice conversation over a cup of tea and received gift certificates for the presents they had picked earlier. Each mother was able to fulfil a long-craved dream that they had been unable to spend enough time on making it come true.

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