Tobolsk District’s Chapter of Non-Profit Organization "All-Russian Association of the Disabled” (Tobolsk)


Tobolsk District’s Chapter of Non-Profit Organization "All-Russian Association of the Disabled”.
The non-profit in Tobolsk was established in 1988. It is currently comprised of 16 primary units, including 12 units in Tobolsk and 4 units in the outlying Tobolsk District including the municipalities of Baikalovo and Abalak, township of Priirtyshskiy, and the village of Bashkovo. The organization’s key goals and objectives include: protection of the rights and interests of people with disabilities, rehabilitation of the disabled through culture, sports, tourism, and getting them involved in accessible sports, promotion of a healthy and active lifestyle, ongoing awareness-raising and outreach work with the disabled keeping them abreast of new methods and forms of rehabilitation available for disabled people, assistance in finding employment and job placement, interactions with employers and the employment agencies over employment issues, and facilitation of disabled people’s involvement in active community life.


In keeping with the tradition set the year before, we invited mothers of children with disabilities to an International Women's Day party held at the newly opened Kalach, Karas, and Shvedskaya Bulochka Café. That night, the mothers were provided with an opportunity, if only for one evening, to feel what it means to be in the center of everyone’s attention and to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. The party featured an entertainment program with quizzes, a festive banquet, and a presentation of flowers and gift certificates.


To organize a celebration of the International Women's Day in Tobolsk for the mothers of children with disabilities, we decided to invite them to a theatrical performance. On this spring holiday day, the mothers were given an opportunity to take their minds off their daily chores, if only just for one evening, have a pleasant party and get a boost of positive emotions. The night continued in the foyer of the theater after the show ended. The ladies were offered champagne, a chance to listen to good music and to socialize.

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