Youth Leisure Center "Visit", a Non-Profit Association (Svobodny, Amur Oblast)


Youth Leisure Center "Visit", a Non-Profit Association.

The center’s most critical mission is to enable young individual’s involvement in socio-economic programs and the civic life of the city of Svobodny while facilitating young people’s social, cultural, spiritual and physical development. Through its 25 years of history, the center has carried out:

  • more than 200 training sessions while cooperating with the administrations of Svobodny and Khabarovsk, and the government of Amur Oblast.
  • 160 public welfare projects and programs implemented in the larger Amur Oblast and in Svobodny.
  • more than 10 regional training programs (off-site training camps) for young people in Amur Oblast and Primorsky Krai.
  • community development support missions at four locales: villages Topolevo and Mirny (Khabarovsk Krai); Komsomolsk-on-Amur; Nogliki, Sakhalin Island.


A festive program for 45 mothers raising children with health limitations comprised three separate offsite activities: a choice of a training session in water aerobics, jumping, or Pilates, a professional photo session with the help of a makeup artist, and, in conclusion, a diverse concert program presented by Amur Oblast’s Philharmonic. As a follow-up to the entertainment part of the evening, the mothers then went on to attend a buffet dinner at a small restaurant where they could relax and share their impressions of the concert over a glass of champagne.

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