Charitable Foundation "Dedmorozim” (Perm)


Dedmorozym is a non-profit charitable foundation on a mission to help children. 

Its website’s address is

The foundation brings together people who want to help orphans and children with potentially deadly diseases. The foundation’s staff and volunteers have been working on implementing a number of large-scale charitable campaigns: "Giving Back the Future" (helping orphans with disabilities), "More Life" (supporting terminally ill children), "Hospital Moms" (providing support to orphans at hospitals), "A Miracle Ambulance" (caring for children with grave illnesses), etc. The foundation is one of Perm Krai’s best known non-profit organizations.


The campaign has been targeting mothers who are raising children with severe or life-threatening illnesses and who happen to be the wards of Dedmorozym’s Quality of Life Service. We opted for giving these mothers an opportunity to break up the daily monotony, and set up a festive party at a restaurant in Perm. At the party, the women had a chance to socialize with each other in a calm and relaxed atmosphere, have some fun, even sing karaoke and dance. To help them conquer their fear of "opening up" to strangers, loosen up and enjoy the party, the foundation's psychologists were there to reassure and help them relax, and be on hand for a sing-along if necessary. In addition, the party featured a professional photographer who furnished the participants with bright and vivid pictorial mementos of the evening.

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