Nyagan Rehabilitation Center for Children and Teenagers with Health Limitations (Nyagan)


Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Yugra’s Nyagan Rehabilitation Center for Children and Teenagers with Health Limitations, a budgetary institution
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The institution’s history goes back to 1995. The Center has been providing comprehensive rehabilitation services for children and young people with disabilities, health limitations and impairments. The center’s staff have been providing social, medical, psychological and educational services to its charges. The institution delivers its social services in two formats: semi-permanent care (for those who stay at the center on a long-term basis or over certain periods of time), and home care.


This year, 120 mothers of disabled children were invited to attend a cultural program organized for them at the Nyagan Theater of Young Spectators. The festive repertoire offered participants a choice of two musical productions: "Ottepel” (The Thaw), a concert program by musical performers Polina Shulyeva and Juliya Baranova bringing to life favorite childhood songs dating back to the 1960s, and "Listen. Feel. Live”, a theatrical production featuring music and songs from various countries, including Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, Georgian, French, and Latin American compositions. Both musical performances were instrumental in creating a warm atmosphere of light nostalgia and feeling in love. After the performances, the attendees proceeded to a festive cocktail party, where they were praised and greeted, and received photos as souvenirs of the day.


The Yunost Center for Culture and Leisure hosted a concert for mothers of disabled children living in Nyagan. The event’s atmosphere was truly a festive one: holiday-themed decorations, a photography area set up in the foyer, a cocktail party featuring live music, and a specially designed cultural program. The concert’s program featured appearances by performers representing the "Planeta" Municipal Cultural Center, and by the charges of the Nyagan Rehabilitation Center. We hope that the party turned out to be both vibrant and sincere with each attendee getting her share of attention, care, and support.

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