Astrei, Samara Oblast’s Regional Non-Profit Organization of the Disabled (Novokuibyshevsk)


Astrei, Samara Oblast’s Regional Non-Profit Organization of the Disabled (Novokuibyshevsk).
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The non-profit operates as a drama studio for young people afflicted by disabilities. Those involved in the theatrical productions are offered an opportunity to be a part of an exciting exercise in group creativity. Through their own efforts and those of their parents they work to establish a platform for their socialization.

The budding actors have staged several benefit performances of their own, and have taken part in a charity concert "Doing Good Together" helping to raise funds needed for treating two sick children from their native city. They have reached the finals of the All-Russian National Award "A Civil Initiative", become winners of "Russian Talents", an international TV festival. They have also won such regional festivals as "Sozvezdiye" (Constellation), "Zazerkalye" (Behind the Looking Glass), "Vmeste so zvezdami” (Together with the Stars), a city-wide multi-genre festival "Na krylyakh nadezhdy” (On the Wings of Hope), and have taken part, over the recent years, in other artistic events at the city, regional, and international levels.


This year, Samara Oblast’s mothers raising children with disabilities were invited to attend a festive program held at the Tsiolkovsky Country Compound. To offer these mothers a break from the daily grind and to help put them in a good mood, a festive banquet with a diverse entertainment program was put on. At the party’s closing, each mother received a bouquet of flowers, a symbol of spring.


One spring day, mothers of children with health limitations were offered an opportunity to get away from their daily routines, apply their make-up and put on beautiful dresses to attend the production of the play called "The Chalk Circle of the Caucasus" staged at the Samarskaya Ploshchad (Samara Square) theater, an event organized for them on the occasion of the March 8 holiday. The evening continued with the mothers’ attending a cocktail-style reception at a cozy little restaurant where they could share their impressions of the play over a glass of champagne.

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