Charitable Foundation for Assisting People in Need “Dobro bez granits” (Nizhnevartovsk)


Charitable Foundation for Assisting People in Need "Dobro bez granits".


Nizhnevartovsk-based Charity Foundation for Assisting People in Need "Dobro bez granits" was founded at the initiative of a group of people who could not remain indifferent to the sufferings of their young and adult community members and their families either afflicted by health issues or just needing social help and support. The foundation’s operations are comprehensive in scope. They include implementation of projects seeking to help children, senior citizens, people with health limitations, while drawing the attention of all society members to the problems that remain to be solved.


A festive program for mothers raising children with severe developmental impairments started with a trip to a beauty salon where everyone had their hair styled. Afterwards, primped up and well-dressed mothers went to the Arbat restaurant featuring a diverse emcee-led entertainment program including a floral design master class, contests, live music and a banquet. In addition, a separate tea area was set up for women to enjoy a cup of tea, eat a cake and talk to each other. All the ladies in attendance at the event received bouquets of flowers and gift certificates from the art studio "Calibri".

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