Charitable Foundation for Children with Disabilities and Health Limitations Iskorka Nadezhdy (Kursk)


A Kursk-based charitable foundation for children with disabilities and health limitations "Iskorka Nadezhdy".
The foundation has been taking care of Kursk Oblast’s children since 2013. "Iskorka nadezhdy" offers charitable assistance by covering the cost of treatment, consultations and expensive tests, and by covering the cost of railway fare to the place of treatment. The foundation has been paying special attention to the socio-cultural activities of special needs children. The Foundation has been organizing various festive activities and events for the children under its care.
The foundation includes a comprehensive social rehabilitation center for special needs children “Yegorushka” featuring a speech therapist, a defectologist, a psychologist, a supplementary education teacher, and an adaptive physical education teacher.


For the second year in a row, on March 8 SIBUR hosted a charitable event for mothers of children with disabilities. This year, as part of the holiday program, all attending women could take part in an art-themed and creative master class called "Drawing with Brass Leaf", following which everyone was invited to join a cocktail party featuring contests and karaoke singing in the company of a party emcee. The ladies who assembled in one of the city’s most beautiful restaurants “Premier” spent two unforgettable hours that they dedicated to no one but themselves. An invited photographer was happy to catch their bright eyes and broad smiles on camera. The party’s highlights included a presentation of fragrant bouquets of flowers and sweets offered by the Foundation charming volunteers.


On March 8, mothers raising special needs children were offered a chance to relax and learn something new as part of the festive celebration. We had thought it would be great to offer a master class in drawing with liquid acrylic paint using the "Fluid Art" technique. In the course of the master class, its attendees got their own share of vibrant emotions, had a chance to socialize with the others, and perhaps even found a new hobby. The day ended with a pleasant tea party and a presentation of memorable gifts. The tea party featured an entertainment program allowing the mothers to relax, have a laugh and enjoy their time together.

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