Regional Public Charity Organization "Boomerang dobra" (Krasnoyarsk)


Krasnoyarsk Krai’s Regional Public Charity Organization "Boomerang dobra".
Website: http://www.бумерангдобра
"Boomerang dobra" is both as a volunteering and a charitable association. The organization has been helping children and young people with health limitations or those in a vulnerable situation. The organization’s employees have been taking part in refurbishing and renovating children's facilities, conducting hippotherapy classes for children with cerebral palsy, and helping children from low-income families residing in rural areas of Krasnoyarsk Krai.


A festive evening was organized for Krasnoyarsk Krai’s women raising children with health limitations. The event’s highlight was a visit to the Khvorostovsky Krasnoyarsk State Opera and Ballet Theater to watch a concert titled "Belcanto Gala, or the Time of Women". After the show, the ladies proceeded to a separate location inside the theater where a cocktail reception took place. This was a time for the mothers to talk to each other, share their impressions, and give each other support. During the reception, soloists of the Opera and Ballet Theater gave an additional performance. All the attendees of the festive party received gifts and flowers.


To quote from the old movie, "it is very unhealthy not to attend a ball when you deserve it...". Working together with the charity organization "Boomerang dobra" we decided to invite women from Krasnoyarsk Krai’s cities and rural municipalities raising children with health limitations to go to the theater. Attending a theatrical show was a perfect excuse for the ladies to get primped up, dress up, spend some ‘me’ time and, finally, go out. After the show, a cocktail party was laid on in a separate location inside the theater building where the mothers could have enjoyable time in a relaxed atmosphere, get to know each other, discuss the show and talk to the members of the troupe.

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