Tobolsk became the venue of the largest city-wide eco-quest

22 august 2022

Tobolsk recently hosted an eco-quest called "Clean Games - Clean Tobolsk. Panin Bugor". It was organized by the Tobolsk Center for Youth and Prevention Programs, a municipal autonomous institution, and supported by SIBUR's Formula for Good Deeds social investment program. The event was joined by more than 60 activists who formed 17 teams. 

Yelena Belskaya, Head of ZapSibNeftekhim’s Department for Government Relations and Socio-Economic Projects
At the heart of SIBUR's social investment program, the Formula for Good Deeds, are the same common values that are shared by the company, its partners, and society at large. We are proud that as part of our program’s environmental focus we are helping advance a truly global agenda: the principles of responsible consumption, separate waste collection, recycling, and rational use of our resources. That's why the goals of the Clean Games initiative are absolutely in sync with our own as we try to draw attention to the importance of cultivating an environmental culture in our country by means of interactive and engaging activities.

Svetlana Semchenko, Chair of the Youth Committee of Tobolsk City Administration’s Department of Physical Culture, Sports and Youth Policy:
Clean Games eco quest is a great format for an event that always brings together dozens of people of all ages who care about the environment of their hometown

Vagif Akhadov, an employee of ZapSibNeftekhim LLC, a participant of the eco-quest
Clean Games eco-quest is a project that generated a lot of emotions, positivity and opportunities to enjoy nature. Events such as these, instead of chasing after a victory, promote solidarity to achieve a common goal, instill SIBUR's values in people. These values include smart results, partnership and, of course, mutual respect. On more a personal note, I would like to thank the organizers and SIBUR for the opportunity to be involved in a project like this.

As part of the Clean Games, environmental activists cleaned up the territory of Panin Bugor, a natural landmark of regional significant and a popular place for family outings and sports tourism rallies. The eco-activists collected 1.2 tons of trash, including 31 oversized pieces of waste, as well as 40 bags of glass, 26 bags of metal and 52 bags of plastics that will be recycled and be given a second lease of life as new useful items. 

A team called BAGGIES, that managed to collect the greatest quantity of trash, was declared the games’ winner. The second-place award went to the CDTT team, and the third place was taken by the Burning Hearts team.