SIBUR held a series of volunteering events devoted to helping homeless animals

5 september 2022

On the occasion of the International Homeless Animals' Day, the company organized a series of events dedicated to helping homeless animals as part of its Formula for Good Deeds social investment program.

August 1 through August 31 saw a volunteering challenge Day Lapu, Drug (Give me a Paw, Friend) take place. Throughout the month of August, participants of the challenge fulfilled various assignments off the
list of good deeds with animal volunteering options, put together by the challenge’s organizers for novice and experienced volunteers: from walking the animals to corporate field trips to the animal shelters.

The kind initiative was supported by employees of Amursky Gas Chemical Complex, Petrochemical Transportation Company, NIPIGAZ, SiburTyumenGaz and Sibur-PETF, as well as their family members.

Employees of Amursky Gas Chemical Complex, Svobodny’s NIPIGAZ, SiburTyumenGaz and Sibur-PETF shared their stories on social media under the hashtags of
#DayLapuDrug and #SIBURVolunteers.

Employees of the offices of Petrochemical Transportation Company and NIPIGAZ in Perm and Tyumen joined the challenge as one team. They organized collection of pet food, medicines and household supplies that were donated to shelters for homeless animals.

In addition, a webinar on the topic of Zoovolunteering: how to help homeless animals? was organized for employees and all willing participants on August 8. The lineup of guest experts included Vera Mitina, president of the Nika charity foundation for homeless animals, and Ksenia Kosheleva, chief anti-surge control specialist at SIBUR LLC. At the online meeting, they discussed ways in which people can help animals and shared their experiences with organizing volunteering trips to animal shelters.

The webinar’s recording is available at:

On a separate occasion in August employees of the Corporate Center, Nizhnekamskneftekhim and POLYEF organized visits to the shelters for homeless animals.
The volunteers helped with the construction of enclosures, walked and fed the animals. At the end of their visit, they donated the food they had collected at their facilities over the course of several weeks, to the shelter.

Our photo carousel features pictures of our employees portrayed with their furry friends. Each participant of the challenge will receive an electronic certificate of a SIBUR animal volunteer.