Thank you, #SIBURVolunteers!

31 august 2022

Dear friends, with this message, we would like to express our deep appreciation to you for this eventful and charitable summer! Thanks to your kindness, compassion, and help we were able to accomplish so much!

To celebrate the International Children's Day, employees of the Kursk branch of BIAXPLEN collected and donated to the young wards of the Shchigrovsk Social Care Center footwear, items of clothing, toys and costumes needed for holding artistic performances.

In Balashikha, Tatiana Raimova, chief expert of the Central Plant Laboratory, and process engineer Salkynay Utibkaliyeva, gave a series of lectures on the topic of "The Second Life of Waste" to children attending an environmental camp in Zheleznodorozhny residential area. Tatyana Nefedova, a trainee, helped organize a collection of food for homeless animals and a volunteers’ visit to an animal shelter.

POLYEF’s volunteers, too, have had a productive summer. Using grant funds provided by the Formula for Good Deeds program, the company’s employees repaired a hockey rink at 22 Sotsialisticheskaya St., cleaned up a bank of the Belaya River, and helped conduct an inclusive rafting event, codenamed
#EcoTourist’sMorning. In addition, they took part in cleaning up the area around local bodies of water and in restocking the Bir River in the vicinity of the city of Birsk.

SIBUR-Neftekhim’s employees contributed a lot to various city-wide and corporate events, including the KVN Humor Festival on the Chemist's Day, the Elementary Science Festival, the Youth City Festival, the SIBUR Summer Spartakiad, the Onwards to Good Health cross-country race and the Running Challenge.

Working together with a team of Nizhny Novgorod corporate volunteers, technician Ekaterina Shevyakova gave a series of master classes on clay work for people with locomotor disorders, as part of her
Workshop of Miracles project.

Our colleagues from the Krasnoyarsk Synthetic Rubber Plant, joined by their children, took part in an eco-cycling trip to Tatyshev Island. The plastic waste that they collected was then sent off to be recycled. They also took part in helping organize various festive events on the occasion of the 97th anniversary of the Stolpy (Pillars) National Park, helping at the
Ecopolyana (Eco Glade) festival. And, of course, SIBUR’s volunteers were indispensable at their facility’s flagship event, celebration of its the 70th anniversary.

Ksenia Kosheleva, chief specialist at SIBUR LLC, conducted
a series of volunteering visits to the Nekrasovka shelter for homeless animals outside Moscow. Expert Evgeniya Vishnevskaya helped organize a lecture about donating bone marrow delivered by Evgeniya Lobacheva, director of the Vasya Perevoshchikov National Register of Bone Marrow Donors.

These donorships events were attended by employees of the Moscow office of the Petrochemical Transportation Company and Sibur International's Vienna office.

Supported by the grant of the Formula for Good Deeds program, employees of Nizhnekamskneftekhim held several closing events as part of their volunteering projects. Using the Almash training facility as the base, CIM engineer Yekaterina Sidorova organized an eco-themed quest, a master class on planting gladioluses, and a waste paper collection campaign in support of a homeless animal shelter for the children of the company's employees. Led by Karina Sadykova, a design engineer, volunteers restored and donated repaired books to Bolsheafanasovskaya Rural Library No.14 and to City Library #5.

Denis Tsyplyakov, a health promotion and wellness expert with Sibur-Khimprom, organized a cleanup campaign in Perm's gem of a verdant forest, the Chernyaevsky Forest. Adults and children worked together to remove pre-cut deadwood (dried twigs and trees that had fallen to the ground) that was then taken away to be recycled and disposed of.

In the course of the summer, volunteers from Pyt-Yakh’s Yuzhno-Balykskiy Gas Treatment Plant helped conduct guided tours of their facility for visiting children. Oksana Ovdienko, an automation engineer and curator of a campaign to collect food for homeless animals, organized a series of visits to the Ushastik animal shelter. Family members of senior planning engineer Nadezhda Kosyanova were voted to be the most active helpers. Together with her husband and daughter, she visited and helped the shelter more than 10 times! With the support of their local trade union unit at SiburTyumenGaz, the company’s young employees did some plogging, a combination of jogging and waste collection. In just one single visit, its participants collected 40 bags of waste.

Employees of Sibur-PETF have really committed themselves to eco-volunteering. This past summer was the first time they took part in the Clean Games contest involving clean-up of natural sites from waste and waste separation. The games took place at Krasnogorsk Quarries. Corporate eco-activists invited their family members, representatives of a contracting organization and students of the Tver Chemical Technology College who were doing an internship at the plant at that time, to join their team.

Our colleagues from Tobolsk had a particularly busy summer filled with kind and good deeds. Volunteers of ZapSibNeftekhim and Petrochemical Transportation Company helped organize and conduct a number of city-wide events, including: the Iconic Place, a contemporary art festival, the Tom Sawyer Fest, a festival of historic environment restoration, and a presentation of the inclusive You Can Do Anything project. Activists Anastasia Prosyanik and Svetlana Dadonkina, working together with other caring residents of Tobolsk, sewed school uniforms for 10 children from the Social Rehabilitation Center for Minors and continued helping homeless animals held at the Right to Life shelter.

Despite the vacation season, all of you took an active part in the company's ongoing and new acts of kindness: you collected food for homeless animals, clothing for people in need, plastic lids and batteries, you took part in
#SIBURFamily and #DayLapuDrug volunteering challenges. In the run-up to the new school year, you helped children experiencing difficult circumstances in their lives get ready for school.

As a matter of fact, the list of good deeds could go on and on, but we are only hours away from the coming of autumn. So, dear colleagues, thank you all very much for being with us and helping us this summer! Thanks to you we will remember it as a warm and kind summer!