SIBUR unveiled names of the winners of the Land of the Lapwing photo contest

9 december 2021

The second bird feeder photo contest, held as part of SIBUR's Land of the Lapwing project implemented under the auspices of SIBUR's Formula for Good Deeds program, has announced its results. A total of 564 entries were submitted to the contest from Amur, Tomsk and Tyumen Oblasts.

The contest got underway on the "Day of the Great Tit" celebrated on November 12 with the aim of drawing attention to the hardships experienced by the birds over-wintering in Russia. The panel of judges included representatives of SIBUR and experts from federal environmental contests. The key criteria for selecting the winners included: originality of the feeder design, compliance with generally accepted rules for placing feeders and for feeding the birds, the image's composition, and preservation of proper proportions.

«For the second year in a row, the contest has enjoyed a strong response from its participants. The feeders that get sent to the contest are commonly made by all members of households. This way parents pass on the value of caring for the nature to their children. The contest accepts photos of bird feeders seen in their natural setting. It means that all entries are a real help to birds in a trying period for them," Elena Belskaya, Head of the Department for Government Relations and Social and Economic Projects at ZapSibNeftekhim Ltd, noted.

The contest’s results were announced in each of the three participating regions. In Amur Oblast, the winners were determined separately for the categories of "Kindergartens" and "Schools". In Tomsk Oblast, applications were submitted by schoolchildren and active members of school forestry teams, therefore, the winners were identified only in the "Schools" category. In Tyumen Oblast, given the number of applications received from within the region, the winners were chosen in the categories of "Kindergartens", "Elementary School" and "Secondary School".

The following individuals were recognized as the authors of the best works:

Amur Oblast:

"Kindergartens” Category:

First prize: Timofey Buzikov, Kindergarten 8 of Svobodny

Second prize: Varvara Semenkina, Kindergarten 8 in Svobodny

Elena Diabdenko, Kindergarten No 8 in Svobodny

Third prize: Elizaveta Stepanova, Kindergarten 2 of Svobodny

Polina Vaulina, Kindergarten 38 in Svobodny

“Schools” Category:

First prize: Gordey Poleshchuk, K.N. Chubarova Secondary School No. 5 in Svobodny

Second prize: Makar and Polina Yeroshevich, Lyceum No. 9 of Svobodny

Alexander Borodin, Sergey Kozhevnikov, Artyom Linov and Grigory Ruban, Sychevskaya Secondary School, Svobodnensky District

Third prize: Vasilina Molotkova, K.N. Chubarova Secondary School No. 5 in Svobodny

Ekaterina Smirnova, Sychevskaya Secondary School, Svobodnensky District


Tomsk Oblast:

“Schools” Category:

First prize: Mikhail Veretelnik, A.K. Yerokhin Secondary School No. 5 of Tomsk

Denis Kostarev, Lesovichok Interschool Forestry Team, Kargasoksky District

Second prize: Artem Pavlov, Secondary School No. 45 of Tomsk

Third prize: Anastasia Kabrysheva, Podgornskaya Secondary School, Chainsky District

Daniel Tereshkov, Kristina Pro-gymnasium, Tomsk


Tyumen Oblast:

"Kindergartens” Category:

First prize: Almas Madin, Yurginsky Kindergarten, Yurginsky District

Second prize: Matvey Znamenschikov, Vorsikhinsky Kindergarten, Sorokinsky District

Third prize: Nikita Kisilyov, Tobolsk Secondary School No. 1 (the "Kindergarten" unit)

Eldar Valitov, V.P. Neymyshev Secondary School No. 16, Tobolsk (the "Kindergarten" unit)


“Elementary School” Category:

First prize: Victoria Treskulova, Sitnikovskaya Secondary School, Omutinsky District

Second prize: Matvey Nuriakhmetov, Yarkovskaya Secondary School, Yarkovo district

Third prize: Sofia Kobets, Secondary School No. 92 of Tyumen

Dmitry Zhdanov, Secondary School No. 65 of Tyumen

Vladislav Zvonarev, Berdyuzhye Secondary School, Berdyuzhye District


“Secondary School” Category:

First prize: Valery Naskhutdinov, Tobolsk Secondary School No. 7

Second prize: Daniel Suslov, Tobolsk Secondary School No. 18

Third prize: Yegor Zhuravlev, D.I. Mendeleev Verkhnearemzyanskaya Secondary School, Tobolsk District

Polina Fedorova, Tobolsk Secondary School No. 1

“We hold these school-level bird feeder contests annually. This year we selected the best works at our school and entered them in the Land of the Lapwing photo contest. The students are happy to take part in various competitions and initiatives, which is why this year's series of activities from the Land of the Lapwing project were met with enthusiasm. In addition to taking part in the photo contest, we also took part in the Eurasian Bird Count in October and came second in our region", Natalya Kaminskaya, deputy principal for educational activities and a biology teacher at Sychevskaya Secondary School, noted.

Our congratulations to the winners and thanks to all those who submitted their entries! All participants of the photo contest will receive electronic certificates in recognition of their own personal contribution to helping birds in winter.


Background information:

The Formula for Good Deeds, SIBUR's social investment program, was launched on February 1, 2016, in all key cities where the company operates. It is being implemented across six focus areas covering all essential social sector domains: urban development, education and science, sports and healthy living, environmental protection, culture, and volunteering. Further information about the program is available at

The Land of the Lapwing is a comprehensive bird conservation project implemented on the grounds of ZapSibNeftekhim, SIBUR's largest petrochemical complex in Russia. The project has been under implementation since 2019 as part of the Environmental Protection focus area of the Formula for Good Deeds, SIBUR’s social investment program. Detailed information about the project is available at