Join our #DayoftheGreatTit challenge and help birds get through the winter

11 november 2022

In the run-up to the environmental Day of the Great Tit festival, SIBUR announced the launch of its fifth volunteering challenge supported by the Formula for Good Deeds social investment program. The festival is celebrated annually on November 12 as it is believed that it is on this day that cold weather finally sets in and it is time to hang bird feeders for the birds that stay over for the winter.


All SIBUR Group’s employees are welcome to participate in the challenge regardless of their proficiency in taking pictures and making bird feeders.

Joining the challenge is very easy:


·         Build an original bird feeder.

·         Set the feeder up and take your own picture next to it.

·         Post your photos and/or videos on the VKontakte and/or CLICK social networks using the hashtags of #IAmHelpingBirds and #SIBUR’s Volunteers.


There’s no limit set for the number of feeders that can participate in the challenge. Each participant will receive an electronic certificate of a SIBUR animal volunteer.