Fantastic Plastic, an exhibition put on by of the Moscow Design Museum, opened in Tomsk thanks to SIBUR’s support

27 may 2022

Fantastic Plastic, an exhibition of art objects made of recycled and second-hand plastic that had won a few ecology and urbanism awards, was inaugurated in Tomsk by SIBUR and the Moscow Design Museum. It is being hosted by V Glavnom, a Tomsk State University art space. This is a project that is being implemented as part of the Formula for Good Deeds, SIBUR's social investment program.

The exhibition will run through September 28, 2022. An important part of the exhibition is its educational program that includes lectures on eco-design in Russia. To attend the exhibition and its educational events, registration on the exhibition’s
website is required.

Fantastic Plastic features works of art by more than 40 foreign and Russian designers and design studios. These include implemented projects ranging from jewelry and items of clothing to art installations and experimental uses for end-of-life plastics.

The exhibition seeks to showcase the best examples of Russian and international experience in recycling and reusing this valuable material. The items displayed at the exhibition will help change the public’s perception of plastics and their second-hand use.

The following are comments by Alexandra Sankova, the exhibition’s curator and co-founder of the Moscow Design Museum: It’s not just that it is possible to recycle plastics. We absolutely have to. This would help make it the 21st century’s number one material. While scientists have been busy developing various technologies for recycling plastic waste, designers and architects have been making many useful objects out of it. And these are only the first steps on the path to mastering plastics as a reusable material. Each recycled material has its own unique properties, and, most importantly, all of them help produce a lot of long-lasting and durable products such as pier boards or roof tiles made of recycled plastic that will last for over a century.

Fantastic Plastic has already successfully toured a number of cities where SIBUR has operations including Nizhny Novgorod, Perm, Ufa, Voronezh, Moscow, Tobolsk, and Graz (Austria). In 2021, Fantastic Plastic won Glamour ECO Awards 2021 and Moscow Urban Forum Community Awards 2021.