Vocational Prospects: 3,000 Voronezh school students will pick a profession after their own heart

6 september 2021

30 Voronezh schools will be taking part in the Perspektiva (Prospects), an early career guidance project targeting high school students that had been successfully piloted in 10 schools in the region back in 2019. The Perspektiva program is being jointly implemented by Voronezh Oblast’s Department of Education and Science and Center for Continued Professional Development with support from SIBUR as part of the latter’s Formula for Good Deeds social investment program.

The project goes beyond just offering students the traditional glimpse into the world of various professions. Instead, the students will be taught how to act effectively in situations of uncertainty, calculate alternative options, and make meaningful decisions, as well as develop optimal behavior strategies for operating on today's labor market and navigating the realm of vocational education.

The project will cater to 3,000 Voronezh high school students and 50 teachers who will be invited to take part in methodological seminars on new career guidance techniques while bringing into the fold participating schoolchildren's parents, volunteer students, and young staff members of the region's major facilities.

The Perspektiva program won the 2019 edition of ZaSoboy, the All-Russian Contest of Career Guidance Methodologies.

The Perspective helps school students develop mindfulness and a sense of responsibility not only with respect to choosing their future profession, but also in planning their lives generally. This helps to up a child's chances of future success and true professional fulfillment. Being interested in recruiting motivated and highly qualified staff, SIBUR believes that providing support to education is one of the key focus areas of its social investment program, Stanislav Martynenko, SIBUR’s Investment Support and Social Policy Expert, noted.