Corporate volunteers in Amur Oblast took action to aid children

9 june 2021

Members of Amur Oblast’s Chapter of the National Corporate Volunteering Council took part in the nation-wide campaign titled #MyBusinessHelps, timed to coincide with Children's Day. The campaign was organized by the regional My Business Center with the support of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation with the objective of collecting gifts for young patients undergoing treatment in Amur Oblast.

The initiative to carry out campaigns for aiding children was supported by the following members of the regional corporate volunteering council: SIBUR, Otkritie Bank, Bureyskaya Hydropower Plant (HPP) (RusHydro), Gazprom Pererabotka Blagoveshensk, Operational Locomotive Depot TChE-11 Belogorsk (RZD), and TsENKI (Center for Operation of Ground-Based Space Infrastructure) (Roscosmos).

By joining efforts, participants collected presents and held parties for young patients, children in difficult circumstances and families with many children living in the cities of Belogorsk, Blagoveshchensk, Svobodny, and Tsiolkovsky. Corporate volunteers helped organize festive gatherings for over 300 children from Amur Oblast.

SIBUR’s Amursky Gas Chemical Complex’s primary trade-union organization launched a call for its employees to take part in charitable collection of children’s toys and essential supplies for 43 young patients of Svobodny Hospital’s infectious disease department and for children abandoned at birth. The campaign is expected to last through June 10.

Employees of NIPIGAZ (SIBUR) collected sweets for children from 20 families residing in Svobodny. The city’s administration helped corporate volunteers deliver collected items to large families and parents with disabled low-mobility children living in Svobodny’s outlying neighborhoods.

Bureyskaya HPP’s employees helped collect board games, arts and crafts kits and toys for children undergoing treatment at Amur Oblast’s Regional Children's Clinical Hospital (Blagoveshchensk). On the first day of summer, some of the collected gifts were distributed among 60 young patients of the hospital’s onco-hematology and neurology departments. The remainder of the gifts were delivered to the wards of Nadezhda, Novobureysk’s Comprehensive Social Services Center.

Employees of Otkritie Bank’s branch in Blagoveshchensk collected essential child care items and baby formula packages for the city’s orphanage.

Corporate volunteers of Operational locomotive depot TChE-11 Belogorsk (Russian Railways) organized a series of festivities for children from institutions under their patronage. At the end of May, the depot’s employees organized collection of toys and educational games for patients of the children's department at Belogorsk’s hospital.

On Children's Day, the Youth Council together with the primary trade union organization arranged two "Night at the Museum" tours for students of School 200, for children of depot’s employees, and generally anyone else who took an interest. The tours started at the depot and ended at the museum. In nearly complete darkness just barely broken by the light of flashlights, corporate volunteers carried out a quiz requiring participants to guess various items hidden in the dark.

20 wards of Belogorsk’s Rainbow orphanage took a plunge at a swimming pool located at the local Sports and Recreation Center named after Hero of Russia Sergey Solnechnikov. 36 children were invited to go to a local movie theater, Rossiya, to attend a screening of the film titled "Help, I've shrunk my teacher!".

Volunteers from Russian Railways organized a field trip for 18 wards of Svobodny’s social orphanage to view "The Academy of Magic” cartoon show at the Leonid Gaidai Movie Theater.

This is not the first charitable event that we have been involved in as organizers. And each time campaigns like this help confirm our belief that people living in our region are very caring and modest. Large organizations tried to donate their gifts anonymously, some acted alone and tried to inconspicuously drop a whole pack of coloring books into a donations box. Our people are sincere in their desire to do good and do things out of kindness, to do anything just to make children a little bit happier. This campaign has become yet another proof that Amur Oblast is a land inhabited by so many kind people. We would like to thank everybody who chose to take part in our campaign! Tatyana Sitnikova, head of Amur Oblast-based My Business Center, commented.

Gazprom Pererabotka Blagoveshchensk‘s employees, working together with a regional non-profit organization We Are Together, organized an outdoor children's party for disabled children and their parents while also gathering and presenting gifts for 25 wards of Svobodny’s Children's Rehabilitation Group Home. On June 11, working together with the wards of Svobodny’s social orphanage, they will be planting flowers that will adorn the facility’s grounds.

In Tsiolkovsky, corporate volunteers from the Vostochny Space Center, a branch of TsENKI, Center for Operation of Ground-Based Space Infrastructure (Roscosmos), held entertaining outdoor contests and competitions for children living in the new Zvezdny neighborhood.