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The People Changing the World contest is a grant contest of students’ volunteer projects. If you are a student from an approved university, you have the opportunity to submit your own volunteer project and receive a grant of up to 50,000 rubles towards its implementation.

Volunteer projects are a great opportunity not only to do good, but also to:

Project topics accepted for consideration

Environmental Protection
  • projects aimed at discouraging municipal waste dumps as well as efforts toward land remediation and recultivation,
  • helping stray animals and animal shelters,
  • efforts to organize separate collection of certain types of waste (household appliances, batteries, etc.),
  • other environmental projects.
  • improvement of public areas: parks, gardens, playgrounds, etc.
  • temporary or permanent redecoration of public buildings and spaces
  • other projects concerned with the improvement of the urban environment
Social welfare
  • helping the elderly, disabled children and adults, orphans, orphanages, child care facilities, and care homes for seniors,
  • other projects focused on supporting people in need of social care

Contest stages

Submitting an application

Come up with an idea, review the rules of the contest, fill out and send us your application.

Evaluation of submissions

Our experts will carefully evaluate all submissions and may ask further clarifying questions.

Awarding grants to winning entries

We will contact you to complete all the required paperwork.

Projects’ execution

You have to implement your project, post information about it on social media, and send us great pictures.


Регламент 2022
180.92 Кб

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you have any further questions about the contest, you can contact the contest’s coordinators at 8 (963) 641-3968 or via email at
One working group can submit a maximum of two projects to the contest.
The contest’s organizer will enter into a donation contract with all participants chosen as the contest’s winners. Following the signing of the contract, the grant funds will be transferred to the account of the grantee (the project’s author).
The reporting procedure and the schedule for submitting spending reports are defined in the contract between the grantee and the contest’s organizer. Following the project’s completion, the grantee must present to the company any and all documents confirming receipt of the goods paid for with the grant funds.
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