Regional Charitable Public Movement "Golden Pelican" (St. Petersburg)



This year, on the occasion of the International Women's Day, St. Petersburg’s NIPIGAZ working together with the Regional Charitable Public Movement "Golden Pelican" held a campaign to congratulate 80 mothers raising children with disabilities and health limitations. Employees and volunteers of the “Golden Pelican” put together an entertainment program for mothers which was staged concurrently at the K.K. Grot Boarding School 1 located in St. Petersburg’s Krasnogvardeysky district and at the G.A.Albrecht Federal Research Center for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled. Following the staged performance, all mothers were presented with sets of delicious gifts that included chocolates, dried fruit, tea and coffee.


Mothers looking after children undergoing long-term treatment in hospitals can't go anywhere away from them. To cheer up the mothers of children undergoing treatment at the onco-hematology department of St. Petersburg’s Children's City Hospital No. 1, a decision was made to hold the celebration right there, on the hospital’s premises. To create a festive atmosphere, the hospital’s rooms and hallways were decorated accordingly, and the mothers and their children received presents from Santa Claus and Snegurochka, the Snow Maiden. Every ward became a stage for a small-scale interactive event for the mothers and the young patients. We are really hopeful that by holding such an event that day we helped the mothers to distract themselves from their daily grind and briefly switch their focus to a pleasant pastime spending their time in a warm holiday-themed atmosphere, and that the souvenirs we passed on will help keep the memory of the holidays alive.

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