Dear ladies,

Happy 8th of March! Please accept our warmest greetings on this most beautiful spring holiday!

Keep inspiring, charming, and sharing your beauty and your cheerful sunny mood, and always be happy! May this day mark the beginning of a new spring full of love, pleasant surprises and joyful hopes!

We are happy to inform you that we will be continuing our charity campaigns that have already become our tradition. We will continue setting up parties for mothers from the cities where SIBUR and NIPIGAZ operate whose children are undergoing long-term treatment staying at hospitals. This will be a special day for intended for the mothers who do not think to spend a single minute of their time on taking care of themselves and who instead sacrifice themselves entirely to the cause of improving life and health of their children. Together with you, we will be able to offer these amazing and strong women a chance to relax and take a little break from their everyday cares.

This will be a day that every mother will be able to devote only to herself.

We would like to thank you for supporting our last year's campaign. Thanks to your support we decided to keep going working our small miracles. In a short while, each city's web page will feature a festive photo report from the venues where the charity campaigns will have taken place. Stay tuned for our updates!

Autonomous Institution of Social Services "Regional Center for Rehabilitation of People with Disabilities” (Tyumen)

Charitable Regional Non-Profit Organization "Dobry-Yug" (Krasnodar)

Charitable Regional Non-Profit Organization of Parents of Disabled Children “Perspektiva” (Voronezh)

Charitable Foundation "Life without Borders" (Balakhna, Dzerzhinsk, Kstovo and Nizhny Novgorod)

Outbound three-day intensive at the recreation center "Izumrudnoye"

Charitable Foundation for Children with Disabilities and Health Limitations Iskorka Nadezhdy (Kursk)

Charitable Foundation for Assisting People in Need “Dobro bez granits” (Nizhnevartovsk)

Charitable Foundation for Families with Special Needs Children Obyknovennoye Chudo (Tomsk)

Charitable Foundation for Children with Grave Illnesses "Poter net" (Ufa, Republic of Bashkortostan)

Pyt-Yakh Rehabilitation Center for Children and Teenagers with Disabilities (Pyt-Yakh)

"The Center for Comprehensive Rehabilitation of People with Disabilities”, Perm Krai’s State Budgetary Institution (Perm)

Krasnodar Krai’s Non-Profit Organization of Disabled Children’s Parents "Radost zhizni” (Anapa)

Interregional Organization "Association of Families of the Deaf and Blind" (Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Perm)

Nyagan Rehabilitation Center for Children and Teenagers with Health Limitations (Nyagan)

Otkrytiy Mir, a non-profit organization for disabled children and their families (Blagoveshchensk, Amur Oblast)

Youth Leisure Center "Visit", a Non-Profit Association (Svobodny, Amur Oblast)

Omsk Regional Non-Profit Organization of People with Disabilities "Planeta druzei " (Omsk)

Regional Public Charity Organization "Boomerang dobra" (Krasnoyarsk)

Astrei, Samara Oblast’s Regional Non-Profit Organization of the Disabled (Novokuibyshevsk)

Regional Charitable Public Movement "Golden Pelican" (St. Petersburg)

Tver’s Regional Branch of Deti-Angely (Angel Children), a non-profit association of disabled children and their parents

Tobolsk District’s Chapter of Non-Profit Organization "All-Russian Association of the Disabled” (Tobolsk)

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